Investor Relations


Investor Relations Programs

The Board of Directors, Management, Officers and Employees of the Company commit themselves to the principles and sound best practices of Corporate Governance and dedicate themselves towards ensuring awareness of, and compliance with, Corporate Governance principles and best practices at all levels of the corporate organization, including its subsidiaries.

In line with ASFII’s firm commitment to the tenets of good Corporate Governance, ASFII’s Investor Relations Programs ensures that the Company has in place stringent processes and controls, and thereby fulfills its long-term economic, moral, legal and social obligations towards our shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Our Investor Relations Program provides a system of direction, feedback and control using regulations, performance standards and ethical guidelines to hold the Board and senior management accountable through: Timely filing of regulatory reports to the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, among others, Regular and comprehensive disclosures to the Philippine Stock Exchange, and maintenance of the Company’s website, thus providing access to all Company reports and disclosures as well as regular press releases and media briefings to the public.

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