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We develop and train our people to help them have a better life as we grow.

Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. aims to have a competitive edge in attracting valuable talents within the industry by creating a desirable workplace culture underpinned by people empowerment, staff engagement, and targeted performance.

To realize this objective, ASFII commits to develop the full potential of our business enablers – our people.  We will relentlessly pursue the principles of fair treatment, equality, teamwork, entrepreneurship, opportunity, and rewards as foundation of our people-related decisions to help every employee achieve professional and personal growth.

All ASFII leaders shall ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees through compliance with established company policies and procedures.  Any unacceptable behavior shall be managed in accordance with appropriate and lawful requirements to guarantee employee’s rights to due process.


Quality and Food Safety

Alliance Select Foods International Inc. is committed to producing quality products that meet global food safety standards and legal requirements; and providing maximum value to our customers and stakeholders.

We continually improve our Quality Management System and food safety standards described in the company’s Quality manual, HACCP and Pre-requisite programs. By involving our trained and competent people, we constantly implement responsible operating practices.



Our Commitment

Today, most fish are being hunted by massive ships and new technology. In fact, scientists predicts that by 2050, there will be no more edible fish in the ocean at our current fishing rates.

At Alliance Select Foods, we are committed to provide you with sustainable   food products that it is caught or grown in an environmental and socially-responsible manner while being conscious of our impact on both the environment and future generation.


Our Goals

  • Provide transparent sourcing information

Develop a process for collecting and publishing source fishery information from vendors including species, vessel, gear, catch/farm location, catching/harvest date, cold storage location, etc.

  • Continuously improve our product and process

Initiate the use of sustainablysourced raw materials and ingredients from reputable suppliers known to have a sustainability program in place or are in the process of implementing a program.  Minimize our carbon footprint and waste products as well as the use of water and energy.

  • Operate mindfully

Create a TEAM that will be tasked to reduce Waste, Water, and Energy consumption by 5% yearonyear.  This goal will be part of the company’s KPI and progress will be reviewed monthly.

  • Actively lead and participate in the industry

Foster continuous improvement efforts in our industry by actively supporting Fisheries Improvement Plans (FIPs) and strengthening relationships with the industry NGOs.

  • Social Accountability

One of our Mission program is to care for our people and to help them to have a better life. We are certified by BSCI, ICS, and SEDEX as committed and compliant to our Social Responsibility program. We require our partners in the Supply Chain to follow and respect Rights of Workers and observe Fair Labor practice.

Please refer to our Tuna Procurement Policy for more information about ASFII’s sustainability commitment. 

Alliance Tuna Procurement Policy 

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